What is Squaregal


Squaregal is inspired by a song "(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care" by Elvis Presley. Created for those girls, across the world, who love, believe, and follow their hearts fiercely.   

This is how it all began


Diamonds have been traditionally perceived as “stars in the sky” – farfetched and unreachable. We thought diamond jewels were expensive to make and only made for love purposes too. But we wanted to give this love stone a fresh new face to share its beauty with jewelry lovers like you. So we started SQUAREGAL.

OUR MISSION is to offer high quality diamond jewelry, priced at accessible level, and styled to fit daily outfits. We then turn our focus to diamonds – what they stand for (power, confidence, pride) and you. Most importantly, we’d love to build up a relationship with you to deliver the kind of service we’d want ourselves and share with you our exciting journey! 


- Audrey Cheng (Munich, Germany)

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