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Why you should have a diamond ring

Posted on 25 April 2017

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Marilyn Monroe said "Diamond is girl's bestfriend." De Beers' campaign in 1948 "A diamond is forever." Now you know what you are missing right, A BFF!! :)

Our diamond rings are made to last and fit to any outfits. You can wear it over T-shirt and ripped jeans or go for the classic, the little black dress. I think what De Beers really meant is that a diamond ring is never out of fashion for any occasion. Adding diamonds to your daily accessories is never too late!



As a modern woman, I don't forget to treat ME, myself. But the question is when...and I realize EVERY MOMENT IN LIFE DESERVES A TREAT BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS GIVE THE BEST OF YOU. 

As a modern woman, you don't wait for somebody or a special moment to treat yourself nice. :)


If you know us, our vision is to reinvent the traditional image of diamonds as wedding rings and engagement rings. BUT when it comes to gifting ideas, an unchangeable fact, there is nothing more personal than a gift of fine jewelry.

Diamond ring is a sensitive topic tho. It normally has enormous meaning while giving it, e.g. popping the question. And that sometimes freaks people out...

We know that feeling so we make our diamonds with no strings attached, yet meaningful as you are to me. Don't you worry about it! NOW PICK A DIAMOND FOR YOUR GAL.


Love, Squaregal xx


image source:, gallery_the_man-kissandmakeup

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