• 求婚鑽戒及結婚對戒定制 (18K白金, 黃金及玫瑰金)

  • 量身定制的首飾, 適合每天配戴 

  • 裸鑽 (皆附有 GIA 證書) 

At SQUAREGAL, we're proud to offer high quality diamond jewelry at an unluxurious price. Every stone is carefully handpicked by us and purchased from legitimate and conflict-free sources. We work closely with our GoldSmith jewelry experts to craft your jewelry that will last a lifetime, not just a season. 


So ready to own your first diamond jewelry? Speak to us, we'd love to create the perfect piece that suits your preferences and budgets. Please email us at or use the contact form below.  

Getting some ideas for your jewelry 

Step 1. 選對喜愛的裸鑽或彩鑽




Step 2. 聯繫我們 

你已經有了心目中的完美戒指的樣子嗎?或是你在Instagram or Pinterest找到了幾款喜歡的設計?現在馬上利用以下表格或Email至assistance@squaregal.com聯絡我們吧!


Now you've got some ideas for your dream jewelry. We would love to know about it and get it started! You can contact us by using the form below to share all the information about the jewelry you wish to create such as preferred stone size and shape or even the ring styles you spotted on Pinterest or Instagram.  

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